Supporting Rangers in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Supporting Rangers in the Democratic Republic of Congo



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A special appeal to help support rangers in Upemba National Park

Responding to a urgent funding gap appeal from our partners on the ground, we are raising money to help provide immediate support to a piece of land in the Democratic Republic of Congo where both animals and Field Rangers are under immense threat - caught in the midst of conflict, commercialised poaching and violent attacks. Following a spate of ranger deaths, including attacks on the headquarters and along main supply routes, the park’s wildlife, including the country’s last free-roaming zebra, a critical African sevana elephant population, and the gravely endangered shoebill stork are disappearing at a terrifying rate at the hands of subsistence and commercial poachers.


Please can you make a donation today to help fund a Specialist Mentor to build the park's resistance.


Working with our local partners, Frontier Collective, the project will:

  1. Assess the immediate security and ranger training requirements. 

  2. Develop a training programme to include physical training, and improve communication skills, teamwork, basic medical skills, safety, vehicle drills, and overall discipline and motivation.

  3. Deliver the training programme over three months and mentor the Upemba National Park Ranger Commander, and other lead rangers.


What your donation could achieve


By the end of the project, we aim to have refreshed critical technical skills, and enhanced morale and team cohesion - contributing to a better organised, more competent, and confident team, better placed to deal with the threats faced.

Working on the front line of conservation, rangers undertake one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. From intense clashes with an array of adversaries - to close encounters with wild animals - 82% of rangers face life-threatening situations, with over one hundred rangers losing their lives each year in the fight to protect Africa’s wilderness.

Without dedicated individuals, who risk their lives each day at work, there would be little hope for the continent's extraordinary creatures to survive in their natural habitats


Collectively, we can make a tangible difference


We need to raise at least £16,000 to help support elements of ranger training projects like these, helping to protect communities on the frontline of conservation and endangered species. All funds raised will go wherever the need is greatest, ensuring that through the Pelorus Foundation you are helping to protect wild places.

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